Win Big With Madden, PGR3, and Xbox Live

PGR3.jpgSo you think you’re good at calling the plays with Madden, or perhaps racing the city streets of Project Gotham Racing 3 is more your thing. Regardless, if you can hold your own on Xbox Live, then the Professional Gamers League of America wants to send you to Orlando, FL to compete at Otronicon 2007.

Over the coming months, the PGL will be sponsoring a nationwide tournament for both Madden 07 and another for PGR3. The top finalist of each tournament will win roundtrip tickets to and hotel accomodations in Orlando, Florida to play against other gamers at Otronicon, taking place January 12th – 14th 2007.

PGL CEO Jay Marrero was quoted saying, “As improvements to online console gaming are being made, we are creating more opportunities for the competitive gaming community to participate in sanctioned competitions from their own homes. Gamers who would not otherwise had a chance to compete onsite, are now able to compete and advance via online qualifiers. In the meantime, we continue to improve our onsite competitions by providing guaranteed cash prizes, more game stations, better equipment, better venues, and more time to hold a successful tournament. We feel Otronicon is an incredible venue for us because it allows for an improved gaming environment for the competitors while still making a great experience for the spectator.”

Visit the PGL’s website for more information. Registration begins tomorrow.

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