Win Your Own DS Lite From VH1!

vh1Games.JPGWas I the only one that didn’t know VH1 actually covered video games now? It seems that everywhere you look places that have nothing to do with gaming are adding their own coverage. I guess that’s good news for me if I ever attempt to get paid for this writing thing.

Anyway, I digress. For the next five weeks (not including the week of Thanksgiving), VH1’s Game Break will be giving away a DS Lite and one DS game. What’s the catch? Simply play some of their poor excuses for a game (like Escape the Paparazzi), read their site, then successfully answer each week’s trivia questions correctly. New questions are posted each Monday and the correct answers to all of the questions are due midnight the following Thursday. Take a look at these brain busters:

  • What is the first unlockable celebrity character in VH1’s Escape the Paparazzi game?
  • What is the license plate number that appears in the first screen of the online demo of Mystery Case Files: Huntsville?
  • How many points is a Shadow Lord worth in Joust?
  • What was the first Nintendo DS title written about in Game Break?
  • How long has it been (in years) since the release of Nintendo 64?

For more information, you can visit the officials rules here.

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