Windforge Update Makes Hatches Less Annoying, Improves Recipe Shopping


Snowed In Studios has released another patch for Windforge, and slowly but surely the steampunk sandbox side-scroller is drawing closer to reaching its sky-high potential.

After dropping back into the game last night and quickly losing a couple hours of intended productivity, I’m happy to report that two issues I talked about in my recent impressions piece have been addressed. The latest update fixes some bugs and tweaks a few things around, but its subtle improvements to the UI and character navigation are of most importance.

First and foremost, hatches are no longer such a hassle to squeeze through. I’m not sure what exactly Snowed In changed, but it worked. So, no more nudging back and forth over a hole until your character manages to wiggle through. Hurray!

Another minor but helpful tweak comes in the inventory. Previously there was no clear way of knowing which crafting recipes you already had, but now when shopping or browsing the inventory recipe books that you have studied appear in gray text so you know you no longer need them. Supposedly stores won’t even sell recipes that have been learned, but this part of the update didn’t seem to be working for me. The text listings were grayed out, though, so I still knew that I didn’t need to buy them.

Here’s hoping the next update helps with NPC identification and the weird enemy spawning patterns, in addition to showing continued progress with tightening up the interface.

Windforge Version 1.0.8008 Release Notes:

•Learned recipes are grayed out in the inventory and noted in the item’s tool tip

•Stores no longer sell recipes that have already been learned

•Removed unobtainable items that were still affecting the total recipe count

•Item and recipe tweaks

•Item spawning and store tweaks

•Made it easier to fall down hatches

•Improved checks to determine if the player is inside or outside

•Improved checks to determine if meteors are obstructed before spawning

•The Magnum Opus access device is now invincible

•Final Quest completed bug fixed

•Fixed shader issues

•New loading tips

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