World of Warcraft Patching Before the Storm

wowPatch.JPGToday marks one of the largest patches for World of Warcraft in some time. That should be evident in the file’s size alone: a whopping 492MB.

This is mostly in preparation for that Burning Crusade expansion thing that’s due to come out in little over a month from now. Among the number of bug fixes, the fix also includes a revamped PvP system (including the removal of dishonorable kills), new talents (meaning a reset of talent points for all classes), and a new Looking For Group tool.

One of the more interesting additions is the introduction of Arena Skirmishes, which will allow players to form teams (similar to a guilds) of two, three, or five individuals to face a similarly numbered group in combat. Unfortunately the only way to play ranked matches is to be level 70, however you can enter the arena skirmishes at any time for practice on your way up to the level cap.

So get to it. That file won’t download itself. You can download it at the following locations:

3D Downloads
3D Gamers
Gamer’s Hell
Strategy Informer

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