X-Blades Update: Achievement/Trophy Lists, New Screens Revealed


SouthPeak’s revealed the official achievement/trophy lists for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of upcoming anime hack-n-slash X-Blades. Both consoles share the same base 37 awards, with the PS3 getting a 38th for the coveted platinum trophy. Got 15 spiffy new screenshots here for you to check out as well. Hit the gallery below, then check after the break for the full achievement/trophy list.

X-Blades Achievement/Trophy List:

– Easy walk: Complete game at Easy difficulty (10 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Everyday business: Complete game at Normal difficulty (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Tough fight: Complete game at Hard difficulty (30 Gamerscore/Silver)

– Sorry, are you OK?: Kill your first monster (10 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Annoying fly: Kill a monster in the air using blades (10 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Take that!: Execute your first combo (10 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Can’t touch me: Complete level without losing your health (40 Gamerscore/Silver)

– Can you EVER touch me?: Complete 2 levels without losing your health (60 Gamerscore/Gold)

– Flawless victory: Win a boss fight without losing your health (50 Gamerscore/Gold)

– Magic woman: Complete level using only magic (40 Gamerscore/Silver)

– Being good is easy: Complete game with a “good” ending at Easy difficulty (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Good girl: Complete game with a “good” ending at Normal difficulty (30 Gamerscore/Silver)

– It’s hard to be a good girl: Complete game with a “good” ending at Hard difficulty (50 Gamerscore/Gold)

– Servant of the Dark: Learn all Dark spells (10 Gamerscore/Silver)

– Light adept: Learn all Light spells (10 Gamerscore/Silver)

– Finish him: Defeat The Dark One at The Dark Temple (50 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Counter impossible: Get IMPOSSIBLE hit counter (30 Gamerscore/Silver)

– Dark side: Execute Dark form for the first time (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Light side: Execute Light form for the first time (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Lock and load: Learn all shooting improvements (50 Gamerscore/Silver)

– Let’s go shopping: Learn every item at least once (30 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Nice silver thingie: Collect 3 silver artifact parts (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Nice gold thingie: Collect 3 gold artifact parts (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Nice ruby thingie: Collect 3 ruby artifact parts (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Shooting master: Get maximum Shooting upgrade level (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Melee master: Get maximum Melee upgrade level (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Airstrike master: Get maximum Airstrike upgrade level (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Master of all skills: Get maximum Shooting, Melee and Airstrike upgrade level (50 Gamerscore/Silver)

– Unbelievable metabolism: Upgrade health regeneration level to maximum (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– I’m so special: Learn all Special Form upgrades (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Monster hunter: Kill 100 monsters (10 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Monster killer: Kill 1,000 monsters (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Famous monster eliminator: Kill 10,000 monsters (50 Gamerscore/Silver)

– Soul collector: Collect 5,000 souls (10 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Great soul collector: Collect 50,000 souls (20 Gamerscore/Bronze)

– Epic soul collector: Collect 5,000,000 souls (30 Gamerscore/Silver)

– The best soul collector: Collect 50,000,000 souls (50 Gamerscore/Gold)

– Platinum Trophy: Collect all PS3 trophies

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