Xbox Live gets H4x0red 4 Realz Yo!

1337 HackerSo I’m sitting there at work today and I see this little nugget come across my screen. As reported by various sites around the net, hackers were claiming that they had obtained access to many accounts via and were using them to steal Microsoft Marketplace Points and also using the credit cards attached to these Live accounts to purchase additional points, you know, for the stealing. To make the claim more credible, many gamers were lighting the Xbox forums ablaze stating that their accounts had been compromised and MS reps were informing them there was nothing they could do.

Anyway, after reading this I’m began freaking out because there was no way for me to check my Xbox Live account and ensure that everything is kosher. This was because my company is behind an internet filtering program that has anything under the category of “Games” blocked. I spent the rest of the day hoping that the hacking was just a rumor and if it wasn’t that my account would remain untouched until I could get home and do something about it.

Fortunately though, it seems that the hacking claims were blown out of proportion. According to this article over at Kotaku, after investigating the claims Microsoft found no evidence of a security breach on or Xbox Live accounts.

This did get me thinking though. While at first I thought that Nintendo’s insistence on not storing credit card information for the Wii store was annoying, now it might not be such a bad thing after all. Sure, on the off chance that Nintendo does get hacked and my account is compromised I might lose the few dollars I have in it at that time, but at least I don’t have to worry about someone having access to my credit card information and purchasing a zillion dollars of Nintendo fun coins.

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