XSEED is Hosting a Corpse Party This Fall, and PSP Gamers Are Invited!

After an early year hot streak, the PSP’s 2011 game lineup has cooled off considerably. Actually, it straight fell off a cliff. There hasn’t been a worthwhile release since the run of games like Gods Eater Burst, The 3rd Birthday, The Legend of Heroes, Dissidia 012, Hoard and Final Fantasy IV between March and April. It makes sense, though, considering the PSP is quickly fading into the sunset as developers look ahead to the PS Vita.

The good, old PSP isn’t quite dead yet though. ClaDun x2, sequel to Cladun: This is an RPG!, launched on PSN this week, Atlus USA has Persona 2 coming up in a few weeks, and just today XSEED Games announced plans to localize Japanese cult hit Corpse Party for a fall digital download launch exclusively on the PlayStation Store.

Corpse Party is a horror adventure game sporting hand-drawn sprite and tile artwork that gives the experience a “16-bit flair.” The story follows a group of high school students who find themselves trapped inside “a haunted elementary school filled with the decaying corpses and tormented souls of countless children who’d mysteriously vanished from the Japanese countryside years, months or sometimes only days prior.”

XSEED’s announcement continues:

Desperately trying to escape and survive, players will experience unnatural, unnerving and decidedly uncensored horrors through the eyes – and ears — of these frightened teenaged victims. Detailed 2D sprite animations and art stills show the bloody and unsettling fates that await those who enter, and full Japanese-language voice-acting combines with 3D audio support to create a simulated surround sound experience when playing with headphones, offering players a delightfully uncomfortable level of immersion.

“This is a game we believe will instantly captivate fans of action, suspense and horror and leave a one of a kind impact,” said Jun Iwasaki, President of XSEED Games. “Through its unique visual style, unpredictable storytelling and impressive audio cues, Corpse Party will test players’ mental strength and mesmerize them through its well-crafted mystery and intricate character-driven narrative, all while delivering a truly frightening experience that’s sure to keep everyone on the edges of their seats.”

Corpse Party features highly-detailed 2D graphics with a 16-bit flair, giving it a uniquely distinctive look and feel and leaving just enough up to the player’s imagination to enhance the impact of its already deeply disturbing plotline. With the aid of headphones, players will hear characters speak to them from the corner of the room, directly into their ears or even from inside their own heads to create a chilling 3D audio experience. Through various actions, decisions and sometimes even knee-jerk reflexes, the outcome of the story will change. There are no Game Over screens here: only dozens of brutally detailed, agonizing and heart-wrenching scenarios branching off of the one true path that might lead to the player’s eventual salvation.

Sounds like a winner to me. I guess I’ll keep my PSP plugged in and ready for at least a couple more months.

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