You’re not in Line for Your PS3 Already??? WTF??

CABestBuy.jpgLet’s file this one under homeless.

The folks over at Cheap Ass Gamer took the picture displayed on the right of some jobless lucky individuals that have found themselves first in line at a Best Buy in Burbank, CA. Please remember that the PS3 launches a week from Friday. That means these people will be waiting there for nine days before they’re able to get their hands on a system.

What exactly would you do outside of a Best Buy for nine days straight? Also, I understand that Best Buy is probably tolerant of people camping outside of the store the night before the console’s launch, but I’d think nine days before hand would be considered loitering. This store is in California though, so sitting outside of it is probably a walk in the park compared to whenever the wait for the Best Buys here in Michigan begin. Yeah, it’s unseasonably warm now, but who knows how long these 50 degree temperatures will last.

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