Zelda: Skyward Sword Shows Off Eldin Volcano, Earth Temple, Goddess Cubes & the Harp

Nintendo’s weekly The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword info and media dump leading up to the game’s November 20 launch has landed, and this week we get a whopping four new trailers and a fresh batch of 22 screenshots. Each video highlights a new area or feature in the game, so let’s tick them off one at a time.

First up, is a brief tour of the Eldin Volcano area leading to the Earth Temple dungeon. At the Eldin Volcano, Link meets a race of subterranean creatures called the Mogma and acquires a pair of Digging Mitts he needs to dig up treasures and secret items like key pieces. He also gets to play around with bomb flowers, tossing them overhead or rolling them into holes like bowling balls.

After completing Skyview Temple and traversing the Eldin Volcano area, Link reaches the Earth Temple dungeon, where he uses giant boulders to cross pools of molten lava and faces off against two cackling lizards before meeting the final boss, a rock-armored, fireball-spewing creature known as Scaldera.

The next trailer introduces Goddess Cubes. Link can search for Goddess Cubes during his ground adventures, and upon activating them the cubes shoot into the sky and turn into treasure chests for him to track down later.

Finally, we come to the Harp. Music has always been a key part in the Zelda series, and in Skyward Sword players will use the Wii Remote to strum away on a mystical harp to play songs and interact with the world in different ways.

Seriously, what more can Nintendo stuff into this game? They weren’t lying when they said their mission was to make Skyward Sword the largest Zelda game to date. And there’s still another whole month of reveals to come!

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