Postal.JPGSo I guess Uwe Boll, famous producer of such game-inspired movies as “House of the Dead” and “BloodRayne,” is readying his newest movie, “Postal,” to torture Americans. Postal was a fun, off-beat first person shooter that was pretty graphic and extremely violent. Sounds great for a movie, eh Mr. Boll?

The whole thing smells like a stinking hunk of crap, kinda like Uwe’s other films. I mean, has anyone here even seen “House of the Dead?” When you have to use clips from the arcade game to segue between scenes, you know something is wrong. You don’t need to constantly remind me that you’re bastardizing a story from a decent video game. I did read the title of your stupid film for crying out loud.

Anyway, you can check out the teaser here, just be prepared to gouge your eyes out with a sharp object afterwards.

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